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“St. John’s Academy is a place which welcomes multicultural students from around the world. It is easy to blend in with the diversity of cultures as well as learning things from other cultures. Furthermore, the school is equipped with well-trained professional teachers and their lectures are helpful not only in exams but in real life. Besides classrooms, the enthusiasm and friendliness contributed from devoted people in the office. They have been helping me as well as my other peers a lot during the time I spend at school. In the future, I hope to be admitted to the University of Toronto and continue my education there”. -Hoang Chieu Anh Dao, Vancouver Campus Graduate

  “My life at St John’s Academy was unforgettable and delightful. Our teachers and school counselors treated and cared for us as friends rather than students. They taught students with love, compassion, and provided us with valuable insight. The school not only focusing on student’s academic abilities, but also assist us in uncovering our inner abilities through various ways, such as in-class group projects, presentations, and school field trips. I was able to develop core skills and abilities such as teamwork, effective communication, and critical thinking to become more versatile. My study in life science at the University of Toronto would not have been possible without the guidance of St John’s Academy. I am proud to be a member of St Johns, and best wishes to all current and future students in St John’s Academy, may all your dreams come true”. – Xiaolu “Candy” Tang, Vancouver Campus Graduate