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St. Johns academy is a very prestigious school filled with kind and wonderful staff and a healthy learning environment. On the first day of school, they made me feel welcomed and helped me get to know the students and the teachers. I have made incredible friends with the students and amazing bonds with many of the teachers.

Grayson Muller

I love a lot of things at St. John’s Academy but the thing I love the most is the relationships you make along the way with the teacher, the students and even the other workers around the school. I’ve never been in a school that is so welcoming and understanding of people's situations.


St John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake is a great school My time at St. Johns Academy Shawnigan Lake has been very meaningful and Impactful. The teachers are compassionate and passionate about learning and push you to strive to be the best student you can be. The school’s community is welcoming and kind towards everyone.


St. John's Academy is a place where most students have the chance to feel like they belong when they haven't always had that opportunity in other places. It's a place where students are given the chance to explore their own interests and ideas during projects so they can get a fulfilling experience. St. John's Academy is a school with caring teachers, most of whom are there when students need support with either classwork or outside problems, they are always happy to give advice and help to the best of their ability.

Kali Fraser

I generally enjoy my time at St Johns academy. The teachers and students are engaged in the activities in which they are partaking, and I learn a lot from almost all of my classes. The work-load is sometimes overbearing, but I see the value in most of the work I complete. There is most definitely a lot of potential for this school, especially if teachers continue to listen to student feedback and try to take action on pressing issues. In addition, the community surrounding the school is vibrant and cares about how the school functions. Finally, it is beneficial to all students when they are offered a choice in the work that they do, for information is retained for 7.3 times longer when it is something you are interested in. Overall St. John's Academy is a great school, and I hope to see it continue to develop in the future.

Peter Salmon

I appreciate St. John’s Academy as it has been a great learning and cultural experience. The school has become my home away from home, and I feel like the people here are part of my family. Without a doubt, the staff not only take care of all my needs, but far surpass my expectations.

Jaden R

At St. John's Academy, students experience a welcoming, caring environment where students and teachers honestly and extensively communicate to ensure a good experience for all of the community's constituent members. Classes are taught in an engaging, personalized manner that allows all students to quickly take in large amounts of knowledge that they will easily be able to maintain over the years. At St. John's Academy, students are not only taking in knowledge, but they are also learning fundamental life skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives, wherever they choose to go.

Nima Foell

St. John’s Academy has such kind and supportive students who make this place feel like home. All the teachers have different styles and approaches to help me learn and improve my studies. Best of all, there is so much different and delicious food. I look forward to my continued studies and living here at the school.

Bob F