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Co-Curriculars Clubs

Our CCC’s are organized into three categories that are in line with the IB Programme. They are Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). Participation in CCC’s is expected for all students in Grade 6 to 11. Each student is expected to select a minimum of 2 CCC. There may be exceptions due to outside school commitments that we will consider on an individual basis. These students are asked to speak to Mr. Visscher. Grade 10 and 11 students will also be asked to take a student leadership role in leading clubs.

At St John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake, we are committed to offering CCC free of charge when they are offered at school by our staff. In the case of CCC activities offered off campus specific information will be sent home regarding date, time and fee details.

CCC Descriptions
    Fitness Club

    Fitness Club is offered to students looking to get more health, physically fit and/or enhance their training related to their chosen sport and activity. Students will be expected to attend one after school and one lunch session per week. Students will receive guidance around strength and conditioning as well as provided with information around current thoughts in exercise, diet, nutrition and hydration. Be changed and ready for a workout! (Monday)
    Art Club

    Art Club is an after-school club for students interested in expanding their creative experiences in the visual arts. Art Club promotes imagination, creativity and production. You do not have to have any prior art experience to join Art Club. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and learn about different art techniques. We are here to learn and have fun. (Wednesday)
    Waterfront and Outdoor Club

    Waterfront and Outdoor Club is offered to students who are interested in learning the basic skills of canoeing, kayaking and sailing. There is a possibility of going off campus time for sailing (a fee may apply in this case). Along with these possible topics we will also include risk management, planning and preparation for trips, hiking, camping, survival skills, shelter building, fire building, trail building, tree care etc. Please be changed into non cotton clothing, have a rain jacket with you and for waterfront water shoes are also recommended. This will be offered again in the spring. (Thursday)
    Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

    The Duke of Edinburgh/ St John’s Academy Award will focus on doing a design project with OUR Ecovillage that will count towards the community service component of the award during the second term. Please note that in the third term we will prepare for the Adventurous Journey and students will be invited to attend that have opted for Duke of Edinburgh in either first &/or second term i.e. students do not need to have completed both terms to be involved. (Wednesday)
    Home Economics Club

    Home Economics will be a club where we cook, sew, knit, and study how to run a household. This activity will have three teachers and each teacher will bring a different skill set and activities. The main objective will be to have fun and learn skills that will help you be productive in your home. (Monday)
    Mathematical Tutoring Club

    The mathematical hyperspace has become the mathematical mellow space. Tutoring for all levels will be offered. Students can sign up for the term or they can come on an ad-hoc basis. It is recommended that students previously identified as needing extra help sign up for the term. (Wednesday)
    Chinese Language Lunch Club

    While in its early days the Chinese Language Lunch club has started small but is growing in size and scope with each meeting. It takes place in mezzanine room ME 202 at lunch times on Wednesdays, when we have Chinese food for lunch courtesy of Diane and the Kitchens who provide us with delicious fare to accompany our language learning activities. Our teachers are Erik, Logan and Bob and they are slowly and carefully helping us to unpick the rudiments of a fast-growing new Lingua Franca. So far, we have begun to learn the mysteries of numbers, greeting and the staple foods. We look forward to continuing in the solar New Year as we get ready for the Lunar Chinese New Year. (Wednesday)
    Interact Club

    Interact Club is a leadership club that is sponsored by the Rotary Club, a club started by business leaders around the world to make their communities a better place. The Interact Club would give students a chance to work with the local community on projects or other ideas to make the Cowichan Valley better. There are other Interact Clubs at other local high schools, so joint projects could be planned. (Thursday Lunch)
    The Prep / Study Club

    The Prep / Study Club is for students who want to improve their English skills, writing skills, poetry skills, and grammar understanding. This is also a club where students can do homework and get help. (TBA)
    Nature / Gardening Club

    students will continue planting a herb garden so we can enjoy delicious, healthy teas. We will also get to know some medicinal secrets and enjoy the treasures of the forest by making for example Maple syrup and fir needle syrup. (Thursday)
    Basketball Club

    Basketball Club will be offered on Thursday alternating between lunch and after school for students to develop their skills, game play, exercise and have fun. (Thursday)
    Badminton Club

    Badminton Club will be offered on Mondays for students to develop their skills, exercise, and have fun. Please find a partner or join as a single. (Monday)
    Craft Card Making Club

    making cards or calendar and also taking pictures. (Wednesday)
    Practical Chemistry Club

    Students will experience the joys of organic chemistry by exploring chemical reactions making Sauerkraut, Soap, and more. Limited to 10 participants. (Monday)
    Performing Arts Club

    Do you have a talent you want to develop? Whether you want to develop your acting skills, work on your musical stylings, finesse your performance in front of (or behind) a camera, or just dance, the Performing Arts Club is for you. Facilitated in developing your artistic mien by trained teachers both from within the school and the broader community as needed, you will have the opportunity to stretch yourself the artistic direction of your choice. (Mondays)
    Macramé / Textiles Club

    students will have the opportunity to explore the craft of knots and how they have been used and can be used. Students will also have the chance to explore textiles and have the opportunity to see a fabric artist, a weaver, a fabric store, first nations exploration and make a project. (Thursdays)