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Earth Day 2020

With St. John’s Academy Outdoor Education program and our values relating to being a caring and respectful community, we were honored to make Earth Day 2020 and unplugged day and give the entire community an opportunity to reconnect with nature and make a positive contribution to our local community.

With the incredible involvement of the students and the great support of our parents and teachers for Earth Day,2020, we had Art activities from Ms. Martha, plant-based recipes from Ms. Nadine, flowerpots made from recyclables with Ms. Regina, great craft ideas from Mr.Jeff and awesome service opportunities and big ideas from Mr. Brad. Most importantly, we had creative and environmentally friendly projects from most of our students and many of our families in the St. John’s community. Birdhouses, cell phone holders, planters, and other incredible designs are displayed in the photo gallery of this newsletter and on our Facebook page. Many thanks to Ms. Amy for happily dealing with all the emails and pics!

Mr. Nick Yaremchuk

Design Instructor