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Math Makes Fun!

Math Makes Fun!

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning is the one feature in St.John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake. It builds a connected curriculum that addresses the developmental needs of students and prepares them for further academic study and life in an increasingly interconnected world.
We bring this concept to design our math courses as well.We emphasize intellectual challenge and encourage connections between studies in traditional subjects and the real world.

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In St.John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake, students take math class three times a week. During two of those classes, students have more traditional and interactive lessons with plenty of examples and explanations. Some days we use individual whiteboards at desks where students work through problems during the lesson. Teacher assesses the level of understanding of both individuals and the class as a whole. Teacher can then provide additional examples or alternative explanations as needed. After the lesson, students often work on problems in pairs at the large whiteboards around our room. For students that complete their work, they are encouraged to work on the University of Waterloo contest problems or take more challenging sections in the textbook titled “Extra for Experts”. Once a week we have project work where students can apply their mathematical learning to something creative.

Grade 9 students are currently working on the Halloween event. For the maths component, students are either working on budget related or logistical needs of the event. In Grade 7, students are working in groups of 2 or 3 to create a 5-10-minute lesson plan relating to fractions and/or decimals, which they will deliver to their classmates next week. Being able to teach others a concept deepens one’s own understanding of the concept. Similarly, Grade 8 students are working in groups of 2 or 3 to develop lesson plans relating to a numeracy skill that will be delivered next week. Grade 8 students are also working towards redesigning a space in their home and will be creating a budget for their hypothetical plan. They have already submitted a formative task of measuring out their space, drawing a diagram to scale, and calculating area and perimeter, as they work towards this summative project.

Look forward to all the surprise the students bring to us!