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Meet the Advisor

Advisors are intended to act as adult mentors to students as they grow and develop at our school. Advisors will track with their cohort of students throughout the entire duration at St. John’s Academy and allow for strong relationships to be built within the cohort and between the advisor and students. Homeroom and the Advisor Block were developed to place emphasis on the relationships between students and their advisors. Advisors will also act as the pathway to deal with emotional needs, system-wide academic concerns, and the first point of contact for non-academic concerns of the student. It has been very encouraging to witness these relationships beginning to form in the first few weeks.

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Grade 6 Advisors
Travis Visscher: travis.visscher@stjohnsacademy.ca
Nick Yaremchuk: nick.yaremchuk@stjohnsacademy.ca
Martha George: martha.george@stjohnsacademy.ca

Grade 7 Advisor
Joseph Adams: joseph.adams@stjohnsacademy.ca

Grade 8 Advisors
Regina Montag: regina.montag@stjohnsacademy.ca

Grade 9 Advisor
Dave Pontich: dave.pontich@stjohnsacademy.ca

Grade 10 Advisor
Bradley Myrholm: bradley.myrholm@stjohnsacademy.ca

Grade 11 Advisor
Jeff Trapp: jeff.trapp@stjohnsacademy.ca