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Mt. Baldy Hikes

We asked some Grade 6 and 7 students to write about their experience hiking up Mt. Baldy in the rain.
Jake’s write up, Grade 6
My experience on mount badly was enjoyable and fun. We madeit up the mountain in about one half the time of the last hike at the start of the year. Along the way we started the hike with a game called name the country. Basically, one person would start off with a country of their choice, for example I would say Edmonton. Then, the next person in our single file line would have to say a country with a name that starts with the letter at the end of the previous country the other person said. So, I could say Nova Scotia. You could not repeat a country and you would have to think of a brand new one. You can say a country, city, state, province, etc. When we got to the steepest part of going up the mountain, everyone had great enthusiasm. I once looked back at a student that was having a harder time on the steeper part then me, and I said encouraging things like “You got this!”, “Its just a small hill youll make it up” and kind words like that.

When we got to the top we all earned a well-deserved lunch. We ate for about 15 minutes overlooking the view of nothingness because it was so cloudy, but still enjoyable. It was raining the whole hike up, but luckily, we had a bit of a canopy to protect us as we trekked up the mountain. The whole time I tried to be encouraging towards people that were having a harder time than me. At the top it wasn’t raining, but it was misty. A nice cool-off for just hiking up a steep part. When we were heading down the mountain it wasn’t raining, but it was still misty. We made a quick stop at the swing and took a couple swings over the mountain edge. Coming down was very steep down because you must go the same way you have to go up. We were also slipping and sliding all over the place. When we got to the final stretch, we all were slipping down the hill. I had to grab onto ferns, and trees to keep me from slipping. When we got back to the classroom, we had only 20 minutes left of math class. It was definitely nice to change out of my wet socks, and cloths, and change into some nice warm cotton clothes.

Josiah’s write up, Grade 7
Starting to get ready: We got all our stuff ready and then Mr.Travis talked to us about how to be safe and stay warm and what to wear and that next year things like rain jacket and rain pants will be very necessary. When we started going up the trail, we played some games like the name game and then walked and talked. When we got off our trail and onto Mt. Baldy trail we stopped to check if we were too hot or too cold. If we wanted to, we could take off our middle layer if we had one. Then Mr. Travis showed us a bear banger and what he would do with it if we met with a bear. Then we made a muster count to keep track of each other just in case. Then when everyone was ready, we kept on going. We talked about how the last group did and Mr. Travis said we did much better. We just kept on walking in the rain until we got pretty high up the mountain.

Then we walked in the clouds so you couldn’t see much, and the rain was like a mist. When we got to the cell tower, we had another drink and had a snack before we kept on going. Once we got to the top of the mountain, we looked over to see if we could see anything but you could only see the white mist so you couldn’t even see the lake. While we were at the top with the flat ground and a lot of rocks we sat down and talked and ate lunch. When we were all done eating, we went and checked out the swing and swung on it a few times then started heading down. While we were heading down we talked about how Mr. Travis went on big overnight trips and how everyone would help each other like if someone was having a hard time carrying something and was trying to get up a big hill that another person that was fine and had a lighter bag would help the person that is carrying the heavy bag and carry some of the stuff for him to let some weight off. When we got to a steep downhill, we all went down carefully so we didn’t slip. When we got to the trail, where it leads to St. Johns, it was slippery the leader would tell the person behind and then the next person would tell the person behind and so on. Then we all got back to school went to the grass to wipe off all the mud on our shoes then went back to class and put on our extra pair of socks. That was our trip.

Autumn’s write up, Grade 6
Our trip up Baldy mountain was pretty good, but it was raining quite a lot. When we got to the top, all that was there were clouds, it was pretty cool, normally you could see the golf islands, Mount Baker, and all of Shawinigan lake. There was mist everywhere, and we could only make out the lake a little bit, it was almost like it was covered in the snow.

It was a bit of a difficult hike for some of us, the steep hill was like a cliff, and near the top there was a bit of rock climbing, and it was raining so we kept slipping a little. The places we were climbing up were very cool, they had roots and rocks all making a five-foot wall, with holds.

The rain made everything nice and damp, and the air smelled very clean, and relaxing, the mist was very light and flew in circle as the wind changed. The rain also made most of the bushes and trees heavy and when it was silent all you could hear was the pittering of the water falling off the trees. Our feet were a little wet so there was a smush, smush beet with it.

We ran down the big hill at the end, and it was very fun, but not as fun to go up, it was a little breathe taking.

In the end we were all wet, with no rain pants, but the jackets helped, it took us about an hour and a half, but when we went on the first day of school, (the opening day) it was about two hours last time, and this time we even ate lunch at the top.

We still all slept well after that though.