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Outdoor Education Program

Located between Shawnigan Lake and Mount Baldy, and in close proximity to parks, trails and the outdoors, this ideal location provides an abundance of opportunities for unique educational experiences. A key component of learning at St. John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake is the outdoors and the many learning opportunities that it provides.

“ Our Outdoor Education Program gives students the opportunity to deepen their relationship and knowledge of the natural world, ecological processes, and careers rooted in sustainability… Classes are structured around hands on activities and experiences in the form of projects and trips that apply skills and knowledge for safe, environmentally responsible outdoor activities.”   The outdoors helps students become well-balanced individuals and raises their awareness of taking actions to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Our Director of Academics sees the outdoors as: “creating a balance between academic life and the happiness achieved through spending time outdoors in outdoor pursuits. Students will have regular opportunities to hike, kayak and canoe in their spare time and they will also be taken outside of the classroom to explore subject content in their academic classes as well. Nature provides an ideal classroom where students will learn not just important academic lessons, but they will discover who they are.”