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Art, Music, P.E.


The art of image making is a unique and powerful human endeavor. In visual arts, images give shape and meaning to ideas and feelings. Images take many forms and transcend boundaries of time, culture, and language. Image development involves students in a design process—a purposeful and inventive, artistic activity involving the use of a variety of materials, technologies, and processes to organize visual elements according to principles of art and design.

Visual art is an essential form of communication, indispensable to freedom of inquiry and expression. Visual arts education develops visual literacy, giving students the skills needed to:

  • perceive and respond to images and evaluate visual information in its many forms
  • create and communicate through images, expressing ideas and emotions to satisfy a range of personal and social needs.

Visual arts education in grades 10, 11 and 12 builds on previous learning by providing students with a range of opportunities in the visual arts and by responding to each student’s particular needs. Students have opportunities to explore a variety of materials, technologies, and processes in a general way, and to specialize in areas of particular interest. They are able to explore career paths and access community resources.

Visual arts education provides opportunities for all students to respond to and create images. These opportunities contribute to the individual’s aesthetic, social, emotional, and intellectual development, and expand his or her career opportunities.


St. John’s International School music course immerses students into several areas of music study: theory and performance in vocal (solo and choral) and instrumental music (guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc.), the history and development of music in Western culture from early music through classical to contemporary experimental and improvisational forms, pop and world music.

This semester, the Instrumental Jazz Band focuses on developing knowledge of music theory and ear training alongside practical performance on the instrument(s) chosen by the individual students. Students will be encouraged to begin the semester on the instrument that was their focus from the previous semester. The students will develop more advanced performance skills and techniques on their instruments while also become literate in more complex musical terms and concepts that are foundational for exceptional musical performance. Bands are formed within the class and with their pre-existing musical experience the student will be able to have more creative input to the ensembles musical choices. Cooperative work habits, supportive attitudes, a sense of personal responsibility, and a variety of skills transferable to other areas of their life will be the other focuses of these courses. Students are expected to attend all classes and rehearse with their band and be an active part in choosing repertoire. The exact course content, direction, and material, and musical repertoire will differ from class to class depending on the interests of the students.

Every semester, music students and students involved in extracurricular music groups, become involved in coordinating and rehearsing material that is performed at all Graduation ceremonies. Students are reminded of the great rewards of collaboration and teamwork, as well as the sacrifices and creative risks that go into all levels of performance.

Physical Education

The activities at St. John’s International School offer all students the opportunity to get to know each other in formal, inspiring settings, body and spirit which is something we value very highly at St. John’s International School. The combination of Physical Education classes and extra-curricular sports activities ensures that students discover the values of good co-operation, and teamwork.

Students have the opportunity at our school to compete in leagues and tournaments sponsored by the Greater Vancouver Independent School Athletic Association. Some of the sports that are included in this network are Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, and Softball.

The range of outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cycling, and kayaking that are in close proximity to our school is quite advantageous and convenient.

We believe that when students are involved in these school programs, students also gain self esteem and confidence.

This semester, students will be able to participate in activities based on the three categories which are focused on PE 12. These categories include ACTIVE LIVING, MOVEMENT through alternative games, individual activities including fitness, dual, and team sports; and PERSONAL BEHAVIOURS, SAFETY, and COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT component are parts of the P.E. 11 and 12 curriculum. Students are encouraged to keep active (through sport or exercise)in their daily lives even after they graduate to ensure lifelong health and happiness. DPA is a requirement that all students in B.C. must do through their Grade 11 and 12 years if they are not registered in P.E. 11 or P.E. 12.