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Homestay Program

Homestay – Living with Canadian Families

St. John’s Academy will help find homestay service for our students. Our network of host families are interested in other cultures and they value the friendship of their international students. Our host families provide a safe and comfortable English-speaking environment that enables students to develop their use of English and learn about Canadian culture.

Homestay families provide:

  • A safe and friendly home life
  • Proper guidance and caring supervision
  • Three meals each day
  • A private room furnished with a bed, dresser, and desk
  • The use of a television, telephone, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi

BC Ministry of Education Homestay Guidelines – Click to view

Homestay Application and Payment Procedure

A student needs to request the homestay service at least 2 weeks before the intended first day of stay with the host family. The student will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation if the student fails to make the request within this period.

St. John’s Academy works with two homestay service providers; JW Homestay and Liane’s Homestay. Please choose one, complete the Homestay Application Form (see attached) and submit it to the school with the required homestay fees. Applications will be processed after payments are received by the school. Homestay placement fee is non-refundable. The first month of homestay fee will be paid to St. John’s Academy. Additional months of homestay will be paid directly to the host family.

If airport pickup service is needed, please let the school know your arrival details including arrival date, arrival time, flight number, and phone number. The host family will meet you at the airport, holding a sign with your name. In addition, the host family would like to know if anyone will accompany you to Vancouver. If yes, please let the school know if airport pickup is needed for that person in advance.

It will take 2 to 3 weeks to find a suitable host family based on the choices and preferences you made on the Application Form. Please note, any special requests can be noted in the application form in advance, but we cannot guarantee as it depends on the host family

Students will receive a profile of their host family, with contact information. Airport pick up instructions will be attached if it was required at application time.

A one-month notice must be given to both host family and St. John’s International School to request moving out of the homestay. If proper notice is not given, the student must pay an additional half-month homestay fee to the host family as a penalty fee.

Application Form for our Homestay Partner Services

St. John’s Academy works with two homestay service providers. Choose one below, and download the application form.

Website: www.jwlearning.com
Homestay Application Fee: $150.00-$350.00 (non-refundable, submit with Application Form)
Homestay Fee: $800.00 and up/ person
Airport Pickup Fee: $70.00
*Please see application form for more details

Website: https://lvhomestay.com/
Homestay Application Fee: $250.00 (non-refundable, submit with Application Form)
Homestay Fee: CAD $840.00 (age 17 and over); $924.00 (age 16 and under)
Airport Pickup Fee: $70.00

*Please see application form for more details  Liane Homestay application form

Guardian and Custodian Service

Custodian Application Fee (non-refundable)…………………………………………………CAD$200.00
Monitoring Fee (each semester)…………………………………………………………………………………CAD$600.00
Please see Custodian Application Form for more details. SJA Custodian Application