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Our Faculty


Ms. Anna Bourak

Ms. Anna Bourak has been working with youth for over 10 years, from coaching tennis to teaching ELL learners in Hong Kong. She is passionate about arts and interactive, hands-on learning experiences for her students. Anna obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Education at UBC. Anna believes in the power of mindfulness and social-emotional learning when it comes to tackling challenges and becoming the best version of yourself. Challenges and obstacles are a natural part of life, but it’s the mindset that matters. Anna will be teaching Physical Education and ELL 4 this term.

Ms. Miri Kim

Ms. Miri obtained both her B.A and B.Ed. from UBC in music education. She has a degree in Nursing and is a registered nurse in South Korea and New York State jurisdictions. She has been teaching music for five years in private and group settings.

Ms. Kristy Grainger

Ms. Grainger obtained a B.A in Dramatic Arts with a specialization in Intermediate and Senior Learning. She is a holder of Academic Writing and Literature qualifications for the Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Examinations.

Ms. Sherry Sunner

Ms. Sunner is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree, Bachelor of Education degree with a major in English Education and a minor in Visual Arts from University of the Fraser Valley and the University of British Columbia.

Ms. Rajdeep Dhadi

My name is Rajdeep Dhadli. My focus and interests have included various topics in the fields of Science. Teaching is my passion. I love music, dance, art and puzzles. I have had extensive math and sciences teaching experiences at the secondary and post- secondary level. It compliments my lifelong dedication and commitment to learning and the impartation of knowledge. I am eager to learn more skills and I would be very happy to contribute significantly to student growth at St John’s Academy at Vancouver.

Ms. Cecillia He

Ms. He obtained B.S degree in Chemistry (Teacher Training) from China and Master’s degree in Science Education from the University of British Columbia. The joy and confidence students get from Chemistry learning is a result of Cecilia’s teaching experience in General Chemistry, AP (Advanced Placement) Chemistry, and SAT Chemistry, and what defines her job is an educator.

Mr. Jeremiah Yao

Graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a B.F.A. and B.Ed. As an artist- teacher, he believes in both practicing as an artist while educating students as growing young artists by creating a safe environment for students to explore and be creative. He has a passion to see students succeed in both academics and in life by inspiring them to achieve their goals in life.

Ms. Azita Kaboly

Secondary Education Credential from University of California Fullerton, Masters Degree in Microbiology from Azad  University Iran, and Bachelors in Animal Science. Ms. Kaboly has been a passionate educator for over 10 years in both Biology and ESL.

Mr. Dan Hanley

Daniel Hanley has a B.A in Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University and an M.A. in Science Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. He was a founding member of the High School for Environmental Studies in New York City, and is experienced in both science education and B2B sales & marketing in the USA and Canada. As a teacher of Science, Career Education and Social Studies, he has a passion for liberal arts education and helping students from diverse backgrounds succeed in achieving their goals.

Ms. Irene Chan

Hello, I am Miss Irene /Miss Chan. My hometown is Hong Kong. I obtained my master’s degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My major studies are Chemistry and School Guidance and Counseling. I have been a teacher for more than a decade in Hong Kong. I am a science and mathematics teacher at St. John’s. I like teaching as I enjoy interacting with students. Sometimes, they can give me a lot of inspiration on my teaching.

Mrs. Nikea Tompkins

Mrs. Tompkins obtained her Bachelor of Education degree from James Cook University in Australia. She also completed a Master of Education through Charles Sturt University. Mrs. Tompkins has taught a variety of subjects in Australia and the United Kingdom. Now she is an ELL and CLE teacher at St John’s Academy. She looks forward to working with the wonderful staff and students.

Mr. Mike Froberg

Mike Froberg is a graduate of SFU and has been teaching English and Theatre since 2005. Highlights of his teaching career include working for 3 years in the US and 2 years in England. He has also coached school baseball teams and has directed numerous high school plays. Mr Froberg is excited to be a part of the St John’s team and is looking forward to sharing his expertise in helping students excel at their academic goals.