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Message from the Principal

Ms. Yvonna Haas

Welcome to St. John’s Academy!

Our school strives to create a climate which values all members of the learning community. This is a community that cares deeply about each student; we have been dedicated to their education, development, and well-being for over quarter of a century. As an inclusive and supportive school community, St John’s International School nurtures welcoming environment that focuses on providing high quality instruction. We embrace culture of acceptability, openness and resilience, instilling responsible working habits, building leadership, sustaining strong and effective relationships and partnerships.

Our intimate-scale learning environment provides teachers with the flexibility to personalize learning for each student. Within small size classes, teachers are able to offer accurate assessment and differentiated instruction for the wide variety of learners. Such endeavors are build upon individual preferences, passions, and pursuits. Our educational philosophy and direction also challenge students to improve performance, exceed expectations, and realize their own potential. We specialize in English immersion university preparatory BC mandated curriculum. Become a member of St John’s Academy family. Meet new friends from around the world, while learning and living in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.

As Principal of St John’s Academy Vancouver Campus, I am extremely proud to lead such an extraordinary school community.


Ms. Yvonna Haas