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Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Awards

How to Qualify for Scholarship:
  • Maintain overall average above A- (for certain scholarships)
  • Be engaged in volunteer or school community affairs
  • Promote respectful and civil manner
  • Be in Grade 12 (for certain scholarships)
  • Have taken more than 2 semesters at SJA (for certain scholarships)
Selection Process:
  • John’s Academy staff are consulted for nominations
  • The Scholarship Committee (may contain different department personnel) selects the nominees for each award and scholarship, then recommends them
  • The Scholarship Committee and members of the St John’s Academy School Authority make the final decisions regarding recipients
Eligibility: To be eligible for scholarship and award consideration, students must
  • be enrolled and attending SJA
  • have attended St John’s Academy for at least two terms; for any scholarship other than entrance-awards
  • have a positive reputation in school and community, (students with negative records may not be considered)
  • have been enrolled in minimum of 7 courses (28 credits) at St John`s Academy; for any scholarship other than entrance-awards or ELL awards
  • have satisfied graduation requirements and been issued a Ministry of Education Transcript of Grades; for exit awards

Download the Scholarship-Application-2019-2020-for-International-students Vancouver

Following awards are offered: 1-2. High-Educational Achiever Transfer (HEAT) – $1,000 Initial This award is presented to high-achieving students from other schools that transfer to St. John’s Academy with A- or above grade point average (Usually 87%+). HEAT students have higher-chance of getting on the honour roll and getting placed in universities of their choice. The following criteria will be considered:
  • Grade point average from the previous year of studies
HEAT UP (formerly 2 Year Honours with Distinction Award) – $1,000 + ($500)
  • This is an extension of HEAT entry-award
  • A HEAT student who successfully completes the studies at 92%+ grade will receive $1,000 scholarship award along with additional $500 for EAA (9-A) certification
  • Students who qualify for HEAT cannot get PAD (14-1) award
2-1. ARTS SCHOLARSHIP – $500 This scholarship is presented to an outstanding student who has focused his or her graduation program on the humanities and has excelled in courses in the following Arts or Commerce disciplines: Language Arts, Social Studies, Economics, and Marketing. The following criteria will be considered:
  • Courses and Grades
  • Participation in Arts-Related Competitions
  • Record of Arts-Related Extra-Curricular Activities
3-1. STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) SCHOLARSHIP – $500 This scholarship is presented to an outstanding student in the area of science and mathematics: Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Mathematics, Computer Applications, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The following criteria will be considered:
  • Courses and Grades
  • Participation STEM-related Competitions
  • Contribution to STEM-related Extra-Curricular Activities
4-1. FINE ARTS SCHOLARSHIP – $500 This scholarship is presented for outstanding achievement in the area of Fine Arts: Music, Visual Arts, Design, and Theatre. The following criteria will be considered:
  • Courses and Grades
  • Competition Participation
  • Portfolio / Art Contribution to School
5-3. OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP – $500 (1 available to each grade) This scholarship is presented to the student who demonstrates leadership skills over the course of his/her academic journey at St. John’s Academy while maintaining a high grade point average (greater than A-). Study and community service in the area of the environment will be additional criteria. MTS Mentors and Student Services Coordinator will decide who will receive the scholarship 6-3. MOST IMPROVED SCHOLARSHIP – $500 (1 available to each grade) The recipient need not have the highest mark but must have made a concerted effort to succeed. He or she will also have participated in extra-curricular activities at St John’s Academy, and demonstrated qualities such as humour, genuineness, positive attitude, desire to excel, and congeniality. Scholarship Committee decides who will receive the scholarship 7-1. ENGLISH PROFICIENCY SCHOLARSHIP – $1,000 This scholarship is presented to an English 12 student, who meets the following criteria:
    • Has taken courses of English 12 at St. John’s Academy
    • Acquires 70% or above on the English 12 Provincial Exam (or higher than 3 on LA12 exam)
  • English 12 Blended Grade is Above 85%
8-2. ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP – $500 (2 scholarships) Two scholarships will be presented: one to a male student and one to a female student, who have a strong record of athletic and academic performance SJA, as well as school and/or community service.
  • Must be considered “positive-minded” and “well-rounded”
  • Must have a solid record of good standing
  • PE 11 or 12 Grade higher than A-
  • Overall Grade Higher than B-
9-A. Educational Achievement Award (Formerly Academic Excellence Award) – $500 –  A certificate of this achievement is awarded to St. John’s Academy students who hold 87%+ average for over 2 semesters and in at least 3 Grade 12 courses + The student must have English 12 completed and passed with the final grade above 85% – The student’s overall grade in the current and previous semester must be over 87%(A-)
  • Principal’s Award of Merit (Determined by the principal) – $500
  • Distinction in ELL Award (Determined by the ELL head and Scholarship Committee)
  • awarded every semester, with paper certificates given to students
  • no cash reward
  • 2 per ELL level
Prospective Achiever Designate – (PAD) – $500          This designation with reward is awarded to students coming to St. John’s Academy with 80%+ academic grades from the previous school (the average must have been maintained above 80% for longer than a full semester). The student must have registered for at least 7 courses and paid a full-year’s tuition to be considered. HEAT students cannot receive this designation. Students with higher than 87% average at the time of application to St. John’s Academy should apply instead for HEAT (1-2) program.