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Student Clubs

Our teachers and students at St. John’s Academy take a lot of pride in our school clubs and extracurricular activities.

School Clubs’ extracurricular activities allow students to further explore their interests within the school and beyond while building a strong student community. As graduation approaches, most of our student’s focus and dreams become clear. To support this, we provide ways in which they can concentrate on and further develop these specific interests.

Take a look to see our wide variety of clubs and activities for students to choose from:

Community Club
Volunteer club is committed to helping the environment and our community. Members collect bottles for a recycling program keeping our school clean and, more importantly, saving the earth! We partake in numerous causes such as beach cleanups and charity events for notable non-profit organizations, such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Karaoke Club
The Karaoke Club is focused on fun, learning English through singing, making new friends and creating a sense of community at St. John’s Academy.

Math Club
Ready for the CHALLENGE!?!? Please come join the Math Contest Club on Mondays during lunch in Room 209 where the Math Challengers belong. Whether you are new or you have previous experience, this is a place to exchange ideas and enrich your MATH and logical reasoning!

Music Club
The music club focuses on instrumental solo, ensemble, and collaborative songwriting and practice sessions. Jamming (musical improvisation) is encouraged for students who have developed the essential ear training skills to participate without too much management.

Physics Olympics Committee
As a group, we investigate different conceptual and real-life applications of physics. We are also competing in the Physics Olympics competition held by UBC.

Science Club
Do you love science? Do you like getting to build things? The science club invites students to get involved in projects and activities such as computer programming, robotics, and electronics. Students can also take part in building a remote-controlled quad-copter (a drone) as a larger project. This club is a fun way to get exposed to hands-on skills that will prepare students for university and in everyday life. Science Club meets Thursday at lunchtime in the science room.

Sports Club
This year, St. John’s Academy will have a senior boys’ basketball team to compete in the GVISAA (greater Vancouver independent school athletic association) league against other independent schools.

Student Council
Student council has a passion for student government, community service, and global citizenship.  This club allows students to enhance their leadership skills, cooperate effectively with school administrators, staff, and peers, think critically about civic and world issues, and use their power of voice to make positive changes in the world.

Wrestling Club
The goal of the pro wrestling club is to develop an appreciation for, and understanding of the entertainment genre that we know as pro wrestling. Our club watches various wrestling matches and promos (wrestler interviews) discussing the product from various perspectives (i.e. in-ring action, out of ring promos, etc).