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I am a graduate student at St. Johns Academy, I am very pleased to study here. I learned a lot of new knowledge when I came to this school, and I also met many interesting and good teachers there. School teachers lead students to do many interesting activities, and it commemorates various activities too. The school education gave me a chance to succeed, which enabled to successfully complete my education and achieve excellent results in the past three years. I am very grateful to the school teachers for their hard teaching. Now that I have graduated, I hope St. Johns Academy will be better in the future and the education system will be greater!.

Alice Kwong

School has a tremendous role in the development of education. School is the cradle of young generations. St. John’s Academy-a place convey knowledge about all aspects of life for me. It educates me from the basic knowledge in life, the culture behaves daily, morality and knowledge. St. John’s Academy has contributed to make dreams come true and help many young generations fly high in the sky for their future.

Cindy Nguyen

There is a saying that goes: “Life begins after graduating high school.” Now is the time to prepare for the beginning of my life. Looking back upon my past, I can now see that my family, friends, and educators made me who I am. To be honest, I cannot express what I feel right now. I am excited, but I am scared at the same time because no one knows what the future will bring. Nevertheless, I am going forward, facing all the adversities in my life. I firmly believe we are on the right path if we had followed our beliefs. Furthermore, I wish one day we could say we lived as best we can. Lastly, thank you guys for everything and I hope one day we will encounter each other with a smile.

Juhee Jun

Hi guys. I’m Lily Dao and I can`t be any more honored and excited than this moment. Well, for me high school is like riding a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. Some may feel frightened, some may feel awesome and cool, and some think this is crazy. Yet, in the end, the only thing that I can feel is, the ride lasts very shortly. And if you had used three years only to study, you are missing the best years in your life because no matter how crazy, how scary it was, it will be the most precious memory that follows you till the end of your life. And today, I want to send a special thanks to teachers, staff, my family and friends cause without their support and trust, I can’t be who I am today. This award is for all of us. Thank you!

Lily Dao

As a new student I want to learn more English and every teacher helps me at St. John’s Academy.

Hoang Tran

My name is Ke Chen, and I will be graduating from University of Waterloo this year. Looking back to my high school life in Vancouver, I remember I spent some unforgettable years at St. John’s Academy. St. John’s Academy provides students with excellent environment. Not only do the students study the high school subjects but also they are able to make a lot of friends and participate in different after-school activities. I am grateful to St. John’s Academy for providing me the opportunity to get into my ideal university.

Ke (Sylvia) Chen
Admitted to University of Waterloo

St. John’s Academy provided me with the best learning environment. All Advisors and teachers treated us as not only students, but also as true friends. Under their guidance, I was able to pursue the university and career of my dreams much easier. The school also provided students with lots of opportunities to participate in different activities such as volunteer work, field trips, and joining school festival celebrations. After gaining these real-life experiences, I really learned a lot of academic knowledge, and also about myself. Most of my best memories during my high school life are closely related to St. John’s Academy.

Xiao Lu (Candy) Tang
Admitted to University of Toronto

Even though I had only spent one year at St. John’s Academy, I will never forget how memorable it was being there. Teachers and staffs at St. John’s Academy were not just professionals, they were all very friendly towards the students. The teachers and staffs all cared about teaching and helping students to achieve better grades. The school was not only focused on academics, but also on extracurricular activities such as skiing, Halloween Party, Chinese New Year Party, which was all organized by the faculty themselves. With the help of St. John’s Academy, I received many offers from different universities such as University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo and Western University. I couldn’t be more appreciative to St. John’s Academy for all the great opportunities. It was a great honor to write this testimonial for St. John’s Academy.

Ze Zhou (Arios) Yu
Admitted to University of Western Ontario

Many people have told me, “these will be the best years of your life.” I did not understand this sentiment until this past year. I will always have a special place in my heart for St. John’s Academy and for the friends and memories I have made during my time there. This high school graduation will only happen once in our lifetime. It is exciting for me what it means, for what is to come next; but it is also sad for the friends we will lose and the memories that are past. We are entering a mature and adult part of our lives. We are leaving our childhood behind and entering a world of independence and responsibility. It will be hard to leave my friends and teachers after I leave school, but I know that they wish me well and look forward to hearing about my future successes. Lastly, I am anxious that I may fail and be unable to adapt to my new environment after graduation. We are going to universities or colleges in Canada and beyond, and will meet new people in new places with new atmospheres and new cultures. Of course, we will live our own lives, but my one hope for myself and every other student of St. John’s Academy, is that we reach our goals and achieve our dreams. Thank you to St. John’s Academy for being my home away from home. I will miss you all. Sincerely,

Monica Kim

St. John’s Academy has been an essential part of helping me to prepare for university in Canada. Being immersed in English yet still being encouraged to nurture my own culture has made me feel accepted. Having passionate and knowledgeable teachers and counselors kept me interested and engaged in my studies. Also being at St. John’s Academy allowed me to meet and connect with many students from all different cultures.

Yuri Choi

The thing I miss the most at St.John’s Academy are the teachers because they were more than just teachers, they were friendly and earnest. They always helped us to understand and give us more knowledge. At times, they felt like friends when giving us advice for life, and to help us solve problems. I still remember the time I didn’t get a good mark from an English exam. The teacher told me that it was just the beginning and how I should try hard to succeed. I can tell the teachers were very earnest as they would spend their own time to stay after school to help us by answering our questions about the lessons. During the class, I didn’t feel uncomfortable because the teachers always brought humorous, exciting stories to our lessons and made us laugh so hard. I found my classmates so friendly, and they were always good to work with for any group work, as we helped each other to improve our own skills. The best thing in St.John’s Academy was that there was no discrimination and how everyone treated each other like a big family.

Song Bao Quyh Tran
Admitted to Art Institute of Vancouver, Fashion Design Program

St. John’s Academy had a huge impact on me. The time I spent at the school was unforgettable. My first English teacher was Mr. Isaak. He was always patient to answer any questions that we had. He also taught us to perform a lot of dialogues from Romeo and Juliet. It was so fun. Mr. Catalano was my favorite music teacher. He was super nice from his heart. We always jammed and expressed our different opinions about music. I still remember the song I wrote, “Peaceful.” It was such a simple, and spontaneous song, but I really enjoyed it. Mr. Sheldon also taught me a lot of informative facts in Physics and Chemistry class. I really liked him. Last but not least, Ms. Leong was always energetic in class and made the class so interesting. She was always helpful for every question we had, and gave us a wonderful time.

Chenjie (Jack) Wu
Admitted to University of Alberta

Love the teachers at St. John’s Academy, when I need help they are always there to answer my questions!

Daniel Asli

Although I was once filled with excitement at the thought of graduating, now I feel a hint of sadness. Having to leave the cozy environment of friends and embarking on the journey to adulthood is not an easy thing! These days I feel like the school reveals a heartfelt epiphany. It is not enough for myself to succeed alone, as it will not bring true happiness. Others should succeed with me.

Jesse Zhang
Admitted to University of Toronto

The time in was short yet fabulous. In this period of time, I made lots of friends. More importantly, I received offers from my desired universities. Life in St. John’s Academy is unforgettable.

Dison Zhang
Admitted to University of Waterloo