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St. John’s Academy offers a variety of tutoring services. This may range from academic aid in the after-school hours to intensive one-on-one care for exam preparation. Students can voluntarily attend tutoring sessions to hone their skills, catch up on missed work, or help other students as peer helpers. Students will typically be matched with a tutor if they falter behind a certain academic standards. For example, if a student is doing well in English but struggles in Math for a few weeks, the school administrator may assign a math tutor for the student. This is mandatory for student success unless the student can provide evidence that he has engaged a tutor himself. Our tutors are highly qualified individuals who have experience and academic acumen in the fields of their studies.

We offer free tutoring services after school from Monday- Friday for the students who need extra help with their courses. Tutoring classes are for all subjects and happen at St John’s International School from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

Provincial exam preparation classes are also available for our students closer to the exam.