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Why St. John’s Academy

Small Class Sizes:

Average class size is 15- 20 students. Our smaller class sizes promote personalized attention, higher academic achievement, and an environment that supports the well-being of each student.

Trimester/ three semester system:

Program starts every January, May and September. It provides students with the opportunity to graduate earlier than in a two semester system.

Free Tutoring Service:

Free after school tutoring services are available for the students who need extra help with their courses.

Nourishing Graduates for Success:

Our graduates are ready and able to attend well established, highly regarded universities in Canada, such as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University and McGill University.

Qualified Multilingual Advisors:

Our student advisors are multilingual, advise and assist students with their academic and personal decisions.

Professional and Experienced Teachers:

All the teachers are experienced educators with proven track record of helping students achieve their academic best.

Parents/ guardians and teachers meeting:

Every semester we open one week for parents or student guardians to have a chance to visit St. John’s International School and talk to the teachers face-to-face by appointment. It’s a great opportunity to meet our school principal, teachers, and school advisors as well as learning about student’s success.

Four leveled ESL Program

This allows the students to rapidly progress through all four levels of ESL within 18 months in our trimester system. While studying ESL, students are also allowed to take other academic courses and get credits for ELD10A, and ELD10B.

High School Graduation Program:

St. John’s International School offers Grade 10 to 12 programs. Our high school graduation program provides students with all the necessary courses to obtain a graduation certificate.