There are a lot of ways to keep students healthy and fit including competitive sports, physical education classes, outdoor education programs and wellness clubs for all fitness levels. As a school we endeavor ensure all our students can access a broad range of activities that challenge them physically while also being enjoyable. These programs are growing every year, but the various lists below will give you a brief snapshot of some of what keeps us moving.

As part of our commitment to outdoor education, our Grade 4/5 class spent an incredible three days at the YMCA’s Camp Thunderbird in Sooke, BC and we were fortunate to have a few cameras on hand to share it wit you.


Outdoor Education is a key part in our approach to teaching and learning and as such is often referenced in our weekly newsletters. Students have ample opportunity both in their classes and in the co-curricular activities to hike, swim, paddle, and explore the beauty of Vancouver Island.

In addition to the more physical opportunities that our location affords, we also take full advantage in our outdoor education program to integrate the sciences, local indigenous history as well as leadership development programs.

You can read more about our outdoor education program here.


For a relatively new school St John’s Academy has already seen our students compete in the inter-Island leagues, as well as provincial ones. We’ve had star athletes in tennis, swimming and skiing and our team sports are developing quickly.

Some of the competitive team sports offered by St. John’s Academy include:

    • Cross country running
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball 

In addition to the more highly competitive sports, we also invite students to participate in our co-curricular clubs to explore sports not always possible in the classroom.

In the past two years we’ve had clubs that included SCUBA, skiing and canoeing. You can read more about our clubs here.


We believe in providing a strong foundation for physical health for all our students whether they participate in our addition programs or not.

In each grade level our teachers work with students to develop the skills and habits they will need to be healthy and active adults.

Our program introduces students to a range of sports and activities throughout the year so that they can find something that they both enjoy and find success in.

In addition to the inclusion of a number of new and innovative sports from the around the world, some of the more familar sports taught as part of our physical education program include:

    • Archery
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Watersports