St. John’s Academy is a growing IB (International Baccalaureate) school nestled against Shawnigan Lake on Canada’s Vancouver Island. It intentionally brings together both local and international boarding students so that all of our students have an enriching and academically rigorous experience.

St. John’s Academy is proud to be an active part of the Shawnigan Lake Community from our participation in beach cleanups, the salmon run, remembrance day or being the preferred school of choice for many local residence. Shawnigan Lake is our home. In fact, St. John’s Academy’s community engagement is often spoken about in local papers, like the Shawnigan Focus.


We continue to be inspired by the community and the natural beauty of Shawnigan Lake and seek to grow as a school in a way that honours both. For some years we have been engaged in a process of learning and growing regarding the much needed expansion on our campus. We’ve been so thankful to the community for helping refine our thinking and develop a plan that will not only allow us to serve more children, but also become better neighbours.

In addition to creating a boost to the local construction industry, our proposed expansion will create approximately 85 new teaching jobs and a similar number of non-teaching jobs. We will provide a unique educational experience allowing the opportunity for local students to interact with international students for an enriched multicultural experience.

As our school grows we have been engaging the broader community throughout the process to invite their feedback, including a digital town hall during the pandemic about our hopes for the future. You can see a recording of the event here.

While this video is a bit out of date with some of the plans. It mentions 1,200 students for example, while the current plan is focused on 500. It’s still a useful resource in showing how the project continues to grow and evolve.

The public is also invited to view and comment on the current plan to consolidate and rezone the campus of St. John’s Academy – Shawnigan Lake located at 2371 Shawnigan Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake, BC. Please contact us for the current application and plan.

Strengthening community connections and addressing community needs/ expanding partnerships with local organizations such as O.U.R. Ecovillage and the Island Corridor Foundation.St. John’s Academy understands the importance of water and we will give special attention to our campus connection with Shawnigan Lake as a sensitive community water resource. We will preserve our Heritage retaining essential trees/ protect species habitat space and area ecology/ enhance connections to local heritage features such as the E+N Railways and local trails.

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