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Clubs are live and in person!

A key part of any strong learning program is the structured learning that happens outside the classroom. Studies continue to show that students who are participating in programs like band, canoeing, volleyball or archery are able to transfer much of that experience back into their core subjects like math, science and literacy. So you can imagine how exciting it was as both staff and students these past two weeks have launched full speed ahead into their co-curricular programs. A couple major highlights (below) we wanted to share include our cross country team winning their first race, the girls volleyball team beginning their season, students learning to fish and others honing their art skills.     Our fishing club isn’t the only one taking advantage of our lake front property, but it is still one of the best ways to slow down and really savour the view. For more details on the launch of this year’s co-curricular programs check out our newsletter from September 24, 2021.