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STEAM Day – Green building design

Oct 16th is our STEAM Day organized by our STEAM coordinator, Ms. Julie Carere.
Students, in their Advisor groups, were able to work on one of the following Optional activities. Students could choose to;
  • Have students research Earthships and have a discussion about how we define a structure as an Earthship?
  • What does it mean for a building to be sustainable?
  • What does off-grid mean?
  • What are the advantage and disadvantages of designing a recycled home?
  • Have students design an Earthship home on paper and  label to show the special features?
  • Have students read the overview on Lake Mills Elementary School? the first k-12 school in the USA to achieve Platinum LEED v4 certification. Students will discuss this after reading.
We can think of a green building as one that is designed and built to reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of development.Green building helps us work towards the following United Nations sustainability goals
  • Climate Action
  • Affordable & Clean Energy
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
STEAM DAY is a part of our interdisciplinary learning. St. John’s Academy Shawnigan Lake, students within every grade will undertake interdisciplinary tasks and draw upon knowledge and skills from various subjects as they complete various, authentic projects and learning tasks. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and skills on Science, Socials, Language Arts, Communications, Mathematics, Arts and beyond.

A big thank you to guests, Mr. Andrew Lowes and Ms Diana Studer. who talked about green house building and LEED certification as well as the Count Me In speaker, Mr. Shane Feldman who spoke on leadership and community projects.

In the afternoon, in House Teams, students worked to create a PowerPoint presentation that focused on a proposal of recommendations on how to improve our school’s Academic building, using LEED framework as their guide. Each House Team had the opportunity to interview our Head of Maintenance, Mr. Chris, to inquire about details about building such as lighting, windows, heating system etc. In House Teams that had to come up with a proposal of recommended changes or additions to make our building more environmentally and people friendly.

All teams delivered excellent presentation with members contribution. It’s success showcase to demonstrate our innovative teaching and learning .