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The Grades 6 and 7 Pantomime

Students from years 6 & 7 have spent the past two months devising, improvising, and researching, scripting and directing, choreographing, practicing & dancing, producing costumes and masks and stage scenery and props, as well as rehearsing and performing their very own Pantomime based on the classic children’s stories Miss Nelson is Missing, and Giraffes Can’t Dance.

Despite challenges with the script, snow days, organizing understudies for students who were unwell, and of course jitters, the year 6 & 7’s were going to perform for our Chinese visitors on Monday and Tuesday this week. Sadly, due to the Novel Corona Virus, the group from China had to postpone their visit, but nevertheless we performed in front of the rest of the school and those parents who could attend.

The performance was loud, enjoyable and slick, even if it was also a little shorter in places than expected! Everyone agreed that the fictional children in room 207 were far better behaved by the end of the show, that Giraffe’s, in fact, could dance after all, and that the students of year 6 & 7 were far more confident of their abilities to act and work together successfully and put on a cracking show!

Mr. Joseph Adams, Socials and Drama Instructor