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The shift to online learning

Greetings St. John’s Students and Parents,

This week has certainly been a week of transition for us all!

We are extremely fortunate to already have Office 365 and ManageBac in place to provide online learning for our school community. Crises, like this one, also present plenty of opportunities – a huge opportunity for all learners in our school community that we have already embraced is the opportunity to learn more about how to use the software and technology which we already have. Lessons have moved to our online classrooms and some teachers have even already had whole-group meetings through Microsoft Teams. Lessons and resources are being posted on ManageBac and students are learning how to access the work and teachers are learning how to provide rich feedback to students through the annotation tools available.

This week we also took the opportunity to contact all of our students through their Advisors to make sure all of our learners could access their work, to see how they were coping, and to collect feedback on how we could improve our online delivery.

Next week, we are aiming to begin to get into online lessons with recorded, live mini-lessons and also through hosting regular online “office” hours where students can chat with their teachers during set times about their schoolwork, progress, and general well-being.

Although this is an uncertain time, I would encourage everyone in the community to find the opportunities this crisis has created and embrace them. It is also a time to be creative and innovative in response. Please know that the faculty is present and ready to support you or your child and are all just an email away if you should require any assistance.

I wish all of you health and peace in this time of uncertainty.


Bradley Myrholm

Director of Academics

For more information about how students can access and upload their classwork, please see the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFhRlCycLLU